Above The Crowd Photography

Front 50' night (Large)

Welcome to our site. Above the crowd photography has been in business since July 2006. We have photographed over 5000 properties, malls, car dealerships and construction sites over the years.
Above the crowd photography is elevated photography. What is elevated photography? It is a cost effective way to get an aerial view without the cost of renting a plane or helicopter or expensive equipment.
We use a 50′ telescopic mast as our main set up along with a 24′ mast that is very portable to get photos from just about any location. These masts have a DSLR camera attached to the top and remotely controlled from the ground for live views of the photos for the client to see real time of what we are capturing.

For examples of our work or contact information please click the link below that will take you to our facebook page with the most current work.

Contact Phone number (801) 661-5108

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